SoftX Secure Notes Latest Changes

v3.5 May 18, 2007
Added the rich text formating features like bold, italic, underline, sizing, coloring and etc.
Added a built-in spell checker.

v3.4 May 1, 2007
Added the ability to create custom templates for notes.

v3.3 April 28, 2007
The user interface significantly improved.
Added an anti-keylogger keyboard.
Added a built-in FTP manager that allows you to store all of your important SecureNotes database files on your Web server directly from the program.
Added the ability to attach files to the notes.
* Reminders have been removed.

v3.2 March 30, 2007
The user interface significantly improved.
Added the ability to have hyperlinks in the notes.

v3.1 November 10, 2006
The version v3.1 is now fully compatible with Microsoft's upcoming new version of Microsoft Windows Vista.
Fixed problem with SecureNotes database file association.

v2.6 September 5, 2006
Added a Preview pane, enabling you to view the contents of your files more quickly.

v2.5 July 20, 2006
Program's documentation has been significantly updated.

v2.4 June 23, 2006
Added the Context menu for all edit box controls for Pocket PC version.
Fixed the Reminder bug with time zones.
A lot of minor bugs fixed and improvements made to the interface.

v2.3 June 11, 2006
A Reminder has been added.

v2.2 May 21, 2006
Added the ability to restore/save the program window size, and the position at startup/exit for the Windows version.
Fixed the installation bug on Pocket PC version.

v2.1 May 13, 2006
Added a FIND feature.

v1.2 January 30, 2006
A couple of bugs were fixed, in response to user bug reports.

v1.1 January 15, 2006
Initial release.

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